Thursday, June 12, 2008

Boy these kids sure live it up while I am at work....


Today Justin got to go to the pool (first one in the family to hit an AV pool this year - lucky b------) with Pickle and Nicole. Meanwhile, Barbara Jean took the girls to an outing at the world famous Dinosaur Park. The girls had a blast - all the kids were pooped tonight.

Two funny twin stories ~ A lady came up to me at Costco last night and asked if they were twins. I said yes, and she proudly announced "I'm a twin!" - she asked how they interact, share, etc. and I told her some days they fight like cats and dogs over the stupidest crap (does the Bumble Bee coloring book ring a bell - ding ding ding) she promptly told me "Don't worry that will end their first year of college - when they go off to separate schools!" LOL
Also at the park today, Sarah split her fingernail and it was dangling so she ran up to Jessica and said "Beaky help" - so Jess promptly came to her rescue and pulled it off for her. Next she ran up and handed it to Barbara Jean and announced "yuck!"

Monday, June 9, 2008

"Poo poo" Panda - two thumbs up ~

We went to see "Kung Fu Panda" yesterday - it was Pickle's b-day party. Nicole, Emily and I chaperoned a total of 8 boys (aged 6 to 10) - and had a blast. The movie was really cute. When Justin and I were getting ready to leave Sarah started saying she too wanted to go see "Poo poo Panda" :) If it's too hot to go to the pool this Sunday we may take the kids to go see it again. We've yet to take the twins to a flick ~ at this age Justin was hit and miss on making it through. I'm fairly certain Bear Bear would make it - it's Jess I think would cause me to go wait in the lobby and "pretend" we're playing video games.
The girls are getting so much chattier - and funny - everyday. They amaze me with the things they remember and associate with related things/events. Jessica is even starting to stay "Jess-ca" when you ask her name - instead of "beaky." Boy does Sarah have some wicked temper tantrums - oy vay. Girlfriend has a hot German temper for sure. Tonight they were fighting over the little "bumble bee" coloring book that Justin gave them for Christmas. Jessica wanted to take it to bed - I suggested the dreaded "S" word (sharing) and Sarah was NOT happy. It took a few minutes of "horse trading" blankies and stuffed animals to calm Sarah down enough to shut off the lights and run out of their room at bed time ... LOL.
Justin is counting down - six days of school left. Yay for summer... we're celebrating the last day of school with an ice cream party on Pickle's street then we're having him here later that afternoon for the summer's first of many sleepovers.