Tuesday, April 29, 2008

(crossed) I THINK we're over the hump on...

the twins taking their diapers off during naps and such LOL.

Man we went through a rough period last summer through this past winter where those girls could NOT be trusted during a nap without two onesies on and ultimately - packing tape over their diaper tabs. Seriously... Before we found these "band aids" we had quite a few incidents where the girls would rip off those diapers (even number twos...) and have a big old party in their cribs. Lil strippers.... For a while we used a video monitor so we could run in and head off any "infractions" but it stopped working suddenly last Fall.

So, anyone who has or knows twins knows that nap time and bed time turn into "party time" when you have a buddy in the crib next door. I swear some days they party for an hour or two before they finally fricking fall asleep .......... grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr it's very frustrating especially on a day when you have something planned around the naps! They throw everything out of their cribs, rip their sheets off, jump like lil monkeys - you name it.

Fast forward - So we've gone "commando" sans onesies and tape for a couple weeks so far and - no incidents to report! (man if I jinx this I'm going to DIE!!!!!!!!!!!)

Nice work girls... let's do please continue the trend. Pretty please?

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thank GOD she's okay!

Poor Barbara jean got into a car accident early Wednesday morning. Thankfully she is uninjured - unfortunately the car is likely totalled. She will probably know by tomorrow once the insurance adjuster gets a look at it. She was driving home from a friend's house that night and one of those ANNOYING Canadian Geese had wandered out onto a major road and she swerved to miss it and spun out of control. She was going pretty fast and hit the jersey wall - her airbags deployed and thankfully she walked away with some bumps and bruises but other than a little emotional trauma - she is okay. Thank God - when I got that call from her father at 12:38 Wed a.m. my heart sunk and I could not sleep all night. I tossed and turned and worried about her like she was my own daughter.

Thank you God for looking over her for us this week. We are all very relieved. Barbara Jean is a part of our family now and we are happy to have her in our lives.

On a positive note since she took yesterday off to recover - I got to spend a nice bonus day with my kiddies. Weather was perfect. It was fun to walk up the cul de sac with the girls to get Justin from the bus after school. We played outside - and the girls made me giggle all day. They are so into their "pretend play" now. One thing they did that really cracked me up was they were obsessed with diapering their stuffed animals. Jess wanted to diaper and change Elmo, Sarah was dressing Pooh Bear. Sarah and Jess even asked for wipes to wipe them down and re-diaper them... lol. Sarah said her bear's diaper was "isgusting" LOL... so she wiped and changed him. She is too much. Also Sarah was very upset when she woke up from her nap and didn't want to lay down so I could change her so she blurts out "damn it mommy..." I about died laughing - gee I wonder where she may have picked that up? :) Bad mommy.. Oh well Pete taught Justin to say damn it so I guess we are even!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Old friends....

Old friends are the best friends, aren’t they? Over the past several months I have been very fortunate to re-connect with so many of my old friends from high school and it’s been wonderful. I also recently spent time with my oldest and dearest friend, Robin, who lives near me yet because we both work and have kids, it’s tough to always find time to get together. We had her and her troupe over this past weekend for pizza, playing and drinks (of course) and it was sooooooooooo nice to catch up. The kids all got along fabulously (duh) – and I really enjoyed my quality time with the person who knows me better than anyone (even when we sometimes lose touch). I love love love old friends and I believe old friends are the best friends. Don’t get me wrong I love my new friends too – but nobody can comfort you like an old friend. It’s like an old favorite sweatshirt that you pull out to keep you warm when you feel chilly – it just “feels right” and comfortable and real. Thanks Robin for being my friend :)

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Why Caterpillars are important!

The warm weather makes me wonder when the caterpillars will make a showing. Each and every Spring I really look forward to “caterpillar” time – my son and I love to look for them – he likes to collect them. It always reminds me to slow down and enjoy the little things in life – I get so wrapped up in rushing to work everyday then rushing home and I really enjoy taking a few minutes, slowing down and going caterpillar hunting with Justin. I remember once in our old house we collected a whole beach bucket full – and he wanted to have the caterpillars “sleep” on our patio. We put sticks and grass in there – then went inside and eventually to bed. I remember how disappointed he was the next morning when most of them escaped… lol. I loved seeing that sparkle in his eye, that sparkle of excitement that only a child has – seeing or experiencing something for the first time ever. Kids amaze me – we learn so much from them.

A former coworker, Steve S., used to always remind me to slow down and appreciate all the important little things in life. He lost his mother a couple years ago and he really went on a spiritual journey after that… He always appreciated the caterpillar story. In fact I am going to call him when Caterpillar season arrives and remind him :)

Monday, April 7, 2008

Rain, Rain - Go away already!

OMG I forgot how depressing April in Virginia can be! Has anyone seen the sun? Can you send it back our way?

My poor kids are so tired of being couped up in the house ~ can we just have a sunny day so we can play outside already? Thank God for the computer, our eight zillion toys and snacks!

I know they say April showers bring May flowers - but how are we going to survive the rest of this month? We are still in the single digit days! If you see the sun - please send it back our way. I was really hoping to do something outdoors with the kids this coming weekend - fingers and toes crossed. Rain rain GO AWAY...

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Justin cracks me up...

He is just so funny - in a completely innocent way. This morning at the bus stop - Daddy joined us (he's off today) and we were talking about how a girl at our bus stop's dad is a secret serviceman who works at the White House. So we start talking about the White House and Justin asks "Hey mom, is there a Red House?" LOL... we all sort of start giggling, but it's a good point. Why is the white house white? Also last night we dropped into GameStop to pick up a couple used games and they had signs everywhere advertising the new Aerosmith version of Guitar Hero that is expected to be released this summer and I have mentioned wanting it. So Justin promptly tells me "Well mom, I think you need to learn how to play Guitar Hero before you get that one..." - the kid has a good point. I am completely tech challenged when it comes to the game. My goal is to get decent at it so I can run out and get the Aerosmith version when it's released. Perhaps the kiddo can give me some pointers....

And I love this adorable pic of him and Charlotte - this was at the butterfly exhibit at the Natural History Museum in DC last month. They make a cute couple - but don't tell Brookie...

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Scary morning in the O house...

Barbara Jean and I went out for a long long walk lastnight (instead of the gym - since it was so nice) - when we got home around 8:30 Pete was sitting on the couch w/ the kids and asked if Jess had bumped her head. He showed us a huge, fluid filled lump on the side of her head - we were shocked and scared all at the same time. It wasn't your normal bump on the head - but squishy, creepy and fluid filled. We debated for a while whether we should talk her to ER but decided to see if it went away overnight. Well it didn't. So this a.m. we ran her over to see Dr. Leonard - he thought it might be a cyst, fluid from a broken blood vessel or possibly a contusion. He sent us over to the radiologist to have a quick x-ray just in case - but thankfully it turned out to be nothing serious. He thinks it will dissipate on it's own so we don't want to traumatize her further by having him drain the fluid out with a needle. We are all super relieved - but Miss Jessica you gave Mommy and Daddy quite a scare this morning love. She handled the skull x-rays like a champ! The radiologist said she was the best baby patient she'd ever had. WHEW I feel like I can breathe again... It's scary to think about your kids being sick. You rack your brain and drive yourself crazy wondering. You even start bargaining with God (If she's fine I promise I'll......) Thanks for looking over us today.