Tuesday, April 29, 2008

(crossed) I THINK we're over the hump on...

the twins taking their diapers off during naps and such LOL.

Man we went through a rough period last summer through this past winter where those girls could NOT be trusted during a nap without two onesies on and ultimately - packing tape over their diaper tabs. Seriously... Before we found these "band aids" we had quite a few incidents where the girls would rip off those diapers (even number twos...) and have a big old party in their cribs. Lil strippers.... For a while we used a video monitor so we could run in and head off any "infractions" but it stopped working suddenly last Fall.

So, anyone who has or knows twins knows that nap time and bed time turn into "party time" when you have a buddy in the crib next door. I swear some days they party for an hour or two before they finally fricking fall asleep .......... grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr it's very frustrating especially on a day when you have something planned around the naps! They throw everything out of their cribs, rip their sheets off, jump like lil monkeys - you name it.

Fast forward - So we've gone "commando" sans onesies and tape for a couple weeks so far and - no incidents to report! (man if I jinx this I'm going to DIE!!!!!!!!!!!)

Nice work girls... let's do please continue the trend. Pretty please?

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dawn said...

you rock and I love the blog!!! Adding you to my stuff.