Thursday, April 10, 2008

Why Caterpillars are important!

The warm weather makes me wonder when the caterpillars will make a showing. Each and every Spring I really look forward to “caterpillar” time – my son and I love to look for them – he likes to collect them. It always reminds me to slow down and enjoy the little things in life – I get so wrapped up in rushing to work everyday then rushing home and I really enjoy taking a few minutes, slowing down and going caterpillar hunting with Justin. I remember once in our old house we collected a whole beach bucket full – and he wanted to have the caterpillars “sleep” on our patio. We put sticks and grass in there – then went inside and eventually to bed. I remember how disappointed he was the next morning when most of them escaped… lol. I loved seeing that sparkle in his eye, that sparkle of excitement that only a child has – seeing or experiencing something for the first time ever. Kids amaze me – we learn so much from them.

A former coworker, Steve S., used to always remind me to slow down and appreciate all the important little things in life. He lost his mother a couple years ago and he really went on a spiritual journey after that… He always appreciated the caterpillar story. In fact I am going to call him when Caterpillar season arrives and remind him :)

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Kim said...

If he loves caterpillars, you have to check out my friend Cassandra's blog. She just ordered these caterpillar larvae that build cacoons and hatch into butterflies right in a habitat in your house! She documented the whole thing on her blog and it was so fun to watch! Your little guy would love it!