Thursday, May 1, 2008

Baby Mama - two thumbs up!

OMG drop what you are doing and run ( don't walk ) and see Baby Mama! What a cute flick... I simply loved it. Nicole and I saw it this week and we LOVED it! It has just enough goofy humor coupled with a "feel good" ending to be a great film. Steve Martin and Greg Kinnear play great roles - I love seeing all the SNL people assembled in another movie (some old, some new). Amy Poehler is hysterical - Tina Fey plays a tad more serious role and their chemistry onscreen is awesome. Definitely go see it!

I never thought I'd meet someone who puts as much salt on their popcorn as I do... lol. I told Nicole we had to get separate popcorns cuz I drown mine in salt and butter and as it turns out - she also pours extra salt into a napkin and takes it into the flick and pours more over her popcorn after she eats off the top layer too. Who'd of thunk.

The first time Pete took me to a movie (Titanic) ~ well let's just say I am shocked he ever asked me out again after that. I actually took the popcorn shaker from the snack area and brought it into the theater so I could re-salt as I ate the popcorn. I think he was a little horrified. He says I am singlehandedly the reason that they now have the salt shaker on a string when you go to the movie theater. He may be right.

I can't believe I've met my salty popcorn match....

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Kim said...

OK, you've convinced me, I was on the fence about this movie, now I will go. My friend Cassandra is dying to see it. I didn't know Steve Martin was in it at all-- I love him in anything.
Too funny about the salt on the popcorn. I am that way about the butter, but not the salt! I can't imagine that much salt!