Friday, May 30, 2008

New-ish friends....

I felt I had to post a follow up to my "old friends" entry. Man do I love my new friends. A little over a year ago we moved from our townhouse in Centreville to a beautiful single family home in Ashburn (aka "Cashburn" - even tho I did not know then) ~ and I cannot believe how many amazing new and wonderful friends I've made here in such a short time!

The funny thing is I truly had no idea what a bad rap Ashburn gets - until I moved here. I feel so fortunate to have met so many down to earth, caring, considerate, warm and fun friends in such a short time. Justin has so many new friends - all GREAT kids and I am really loving being in my new element.

It's funny because I only learned about the "Ca$hburn" stereotype from my new "non-Ca$hburn" friends... :)

Life is too short to not be real - I am very fortunate - thank you so much to my new friends for letting us into your lives and for being so wonderful. I am truly blessed!

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