Sunday, May 11, 2008

They get it!

I was wondering when the day would come that I would see, er, hear the twins use the word - twins. It was today.... Jessica ran into the toy room and got both "Starbucks" Teddy bears that I bought them last summer and came in toting both of them and announced that she had "twins"~ wow. I about fell over.

I try not to refer to them as "the twins" - but find myself doing it more frequently for some reason. I told Justin having two babies with the same birthday makes them "just a little more special" than having one baby - but we honestly rarely ever discuss it.

They are getting so big, and grown up and chatty.... I love love love them so much. Thank you God for giving me three gorgeous and healthy little people to call my own. I am very blessed.

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Kim said...

Cheryl-- they are so beautiful! I can't believe how big they are! I love that bday pic of them over on the right-- hilarious, both of them pouting.