Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The girls Kinderdance presentation!

Words cannot describe how proud I was of my girlies yesterday. Barbara Jean wanted to enroll them in Kinderdance/Kindertots - they teach it right here at the Sports Pavilion and she takes them once a week to class with Miss Nichole. The teacher and I e-mail from time to time and Barbara Jean keeps me in the loop but I had no idea how much progress they had made! I am soooooooooooooooooooooooo proud of them.

These are girls who don't get out much... LOL. They are not in daycare like their brother was and they spend a lot of time at home. I wish they had more opportunities for socialization but at the end of the day - there is only one other toddler on our cul de sac (thank God for Keelyn...). And with Justin being in school just a half day Barbara Jean hasn't had much chance to even take them to any of the free activities at the library.

So the presentation was very "official" - the kids wore cute little t-shirts and matching shorts. She combined the 2 and 3 year olds into one show for the parents. It was just too cute for words - they did little routines/activities to a couple songs (itsby bitsy spider, etc.) then they all got to do "the magic mat" - where they got to show off their skills in areas such as doing a somersault, walking like a crab and the bear walk :) They also got to walk on the "balance beam" which is only slightly raised off the floor. Jess is actually pretty good at it!

I cannot believe how differently my girls behaved in a structured setting. Jess is more like Justin - good listener, watches what everyone else does and then proceeds. Not my Bear-bear - girlfriend was ALL OVER the place! I am still amazed at how well they did and how much progress they made this Spring in their class. We will definitely send them back next year - Miss Nichole is holding a spot for them in the Fall. Thanks Miss Nichole.

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