Wednesday, May 21, 2008

They ACTUALLY think they are smarter than me!

So I've had a couple of noteworthy scams pulled on me in the past day by Justin and Sarah.

Last night the girls were clamoring for fruit snacks so I gave Jess a pack and she decided to share with her "baby" and placed a handful in her baby highchair tray. She forgot about them - later after Sarah inhaled hers and came begging for more - I told her to go eat Jess's baby's fruit snacks. So she proceeded to do just that - then came up to me and said "baby more fruit snacks" - um, Sarah I'm sorry but I was not born yesterday. They are really for you right? I think this might be her very first scam.

Tonight I was wrestling around and tickling the kids on the couch after work and Justin decides he wants to bring a small cup of water over to the couch. So he asks me to hold it and I of course tell him no I will not hold it - you need to go set it on the table or counter so it doesn't get spilled. "But mom i got that water for you" um, yeah right. Justin has quite a few scams under his belt but this was a new one on me.

Newsflash to kids: Momma was not born yesterday. I was the master of scams and you will find it VERY difficult to out-scam me. Have fun trying tho... LOL

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