Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A wonderful whirlwind week with my kiddies...

Pete and I bagged our beach trip (long stories...) and decided to have our first ever O family "staycation" with the kids. It was amazingly wonderful and much needed to spend so much time with Justin, Jessica and Sarah. What an amazing week! We spent three days at the bucket pool, went to the DC Zoo, Hershey Park, The Baltimore Inner Harbor and Aquarium and went to see Clone Wars the day it opened. The kids had a blast! We did too - the girls and Justin are getting so big I just cannot believe it. The girls talked our ears off the whole week - and Justin is just amazing with the things the kid comes up with... so smart.

Some random thoughts on my week off:

* My kids are really considerate! One random example ~ Sarah saw a big fish in between two of the "windows" on the aquarium and thought he was "stuck" - she blurts out "Fishy stuck, I have to help him" she is such a sweetie!

*Justin is getting big - and brave. He was a real fish in the water this past week and wanted to go on a ride that I would have never thought he'd step foot on at Hershey Park. WTG Justin!

*The sound of kids laughter can make the whole world go away for a few moments - my kids discovered a little Pixar short called Knick Knack (bonus material on Nemo DVD) and laughed their little butts off at all 2 and a half minutes of it all week!

*Leashes are for dogs! I cannot stand seeing kids on leashes. Moms if you can't stroller, control or get enough people to help you with your kids - STAY HOME do not put them on leashes and let them run wild in a crowded public place... sheesh.

* I don't know how much longer I will dress my girls in matching outfits. I saw twin girls - must have been around 10 or 12 and dressed alike - at Hershey Park and they looked ridiculous... lol :)

Back to the grind - I'm off to work. Hope everyone is having a great summer!