Tuesday, May 12, 2009

So very thankful....

Thankful. That is what I am - so very thankful lately. I am so blessed and I think half the time I'm so busy worrying about this and that and I just forget to step back and realize just how wonderful my life really is. I have amazingly adorable, sweet and beautiful (not to mention healthy) children, a great husband, THE BEST friends and neighbors, a beautiful home and, in this economy, a job ; ) Life has been so busy lately and just yesterday I decided I really should "slow it down a bit" and simplify. I really want to, it's just hard to not "over commit" but I am going to work on it. I really am.

My Jessica came in this morning while we were running around like mad people to get out of the house and get my little man to the bus stop on time. She does this a lot in the morning - while Sarah's still in a deep slumber. She walks in, with her cute little pj's and her major "bed head" and she's so sweet and soft spoken and she's holding the same little trinket she went to bed with (it was a baby My Little Pony with a little high chair and dish of food that Daddy bought her at Target on Sunday) and she walks up with her beautiful face and quietly says "good morning mommy."
I love how my Sarah calls Sleeping Beauty "sleeping cutie" and how she calls Lightning McQueen "Drama Queen" and how she asks you to "scoov over" on the couch. I love how my Justin wants to show me stuff he learns and accomplishes, how he wants to call out the latest math problem he can solve, how he tells me he's looking forward to "versing" the Lugnuts in T-ball. Or how he notices that I have made his lunch "over a hundred times."
These are truly the moments that I live for, just to see those beautiful faces greet me and how they make me smile. I love that they are always happy to see me, well most of the time... lol. I hope everyone is having a lovely Spring. I hope to have more time to get here more often to share my thoughts going forward.