Friday, September 5, 2008

Back to school....

Justin started first grade Tuesday!

So proud of my little man. He has Mrs. Roth - we could not have hoped for a better teacher. I had the pleasure of meeting her last week before school started actually and she's wonderful. Justin's adjusting well to full day school - and we're still managing to wedge in some playdates and get to karate despite the abbreviated "free time" after school.

Justin came home last night and "taught us" that "si" means yes in Spanish... lol. He scolded me last night for answering a question "yes" instead of "si". Tonight I'm hosting back to school playdate happy hour with some of my favorite mommas from the bus stop - cheers! Tomorrow the girls have their first "real birthday party" for one of their friends (their new friend Morgan) when I say their friends I mean their actual friends not friends of their brother's... lol.

Have a great weekend - stay dry!

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