Friday, July 25, 2008

Quality time with Sarah....

As strange as it may sound - I actually enjoy the one on one time I get to spend with my kids when only one of them is sick and has to go to the doctor. Weird? probably... but think about it. I get to spend lots of one on one time with Justin (while the girls nap, when we go to the movies, to Blockbuster or shopping just the two of us) but I rarely get to spend one on one time with the girls. Except when they are sick.

Yesterday was one of those days. Sarah woke up with a bizarro rash and splotchy red marks all over her. I left the office and ran her over to Urgent Care. This weird breakout had even the doctor scratching her head - still not really sure what it is. She thought some of it looked like an allergic reaction (contact dermatitis I guess they call it)some of it actually looked like insect bites (weird cuz she hadn't been outside at all on Wed to get bit). They sent us home with two prescriptions - a steroid and an anti-itch medication to keep her from scratching it. We headed over to the pharmacy to get them filled and pick up some Cortaid and Sarah and I got to do a little shopping. She was so cute. Girlfriend talked my freaking ear off the whole time. So adorable. While I was looking at the creams she saw the Bandaids and immediately went for the SpongeBob box - she's turning into her brother. Justin used to have to pick out a pack of Bandaids everytime we went to the grocery store.... She also got to pick out some pops (dum dums) to take home for everyone and she insisted on Thomas gummy vitamins :)

Sarah is a trooper! She is so much better today. TGIF!

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