Wednesday, July 2, 2008

We are loving summer!

Wow! Summer's getting off to a nice start... Justin is loving his first real summer vacation and break from school. Speaking of the little man - he got fantastic marks and some very nice comments from Mrs. Radloff on his report card. Way to go Justin! I am so proud of him. And he is reading like an old pro!

Last weekend we had two of my friends from high school visit - Susan and Mike, along with their families. We had a GREAT time. We hung out in the afternoon then piled into the Sequoia and hit the Belmont Concert - it was REO Speedwagon and it was a great show. Merrywood Court gang was there - and a handful of other friends from around town. Then we proceeded to make it over to The Dock to see Kicking Norma, our new favorite local band featuring our old friend Doug on guitar. Jen and I along w/ Susan and Indrani were total groupies right up front singing and dancing and having an overall GREAT time. We may have done some shots - I vaguely remember :) It was really fun to catch up - but as always the weekend goes by too fast when you're having so much fun. The Lanzis even made a showing at Belmont - Mark, Robin and the crew. They brought along some neighbors and Robin said the boys had a blast and called it "their first rock concert" - too cute.

The kids are having a wonderful summer so far. Barbara Jean has been filling their days with playdates, pool outings, park trips, moonbounce sessions, picnics and FUN in general. The kids are loving the bucket pool and Justin is a little fish this year in the water. Now we are all counting down to our beach vacation ~ hope everyone is having a great summer!

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