Tuesday, October 28, 2008

THIS is the good stuff....

When I say this is the good stuff, I mean this is the good stuff that makes parenting really rewarding. Stuff like seeing your kids put their halloween costumes on for the first time - and seeing the wonder in their eyes. Hearing them ask if they can wear them everyday ... lol (that's Jess and Sarah!). The kids were freakin' adorable in their costumes - Justin makes a very handsome Vader if I do say so myself :)
Justin was the top sales kiddo at his school for the Sally Foster fundraiser!!! Thanks to our friends and neighbors who made generous purchases and made this possible. He wins a $100 legos.com gift card and we also won the drawing for a $100 Target gift card! I am so proud of him... now we need to get the stuff delivered. I think on Monday since there is no school Barbara Jean is going to bring him up to work so he can deliver to all Mommy's coworkers who were kind enough to buy from him. It should be fun - they all love dropping by work so they can get something from the vending machines, priorities!
Friday's Justin's school "fall" party (too PC for my taste - but that's another post) - I'm one of the planners so will be off that afternoon to help and Jean's planning on bringing the twins up for the party as well. It should be fun. Then we have Jaime and Darrell and their kids coming over Friday night to trick or treat around our cul-de-sac, and then around Cheltenham then we're heading over to Merrywood for some more trick or treating. I hope everyone has a wonderful Halloween!

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